A little about me

I’m easy to contact, and I check my email, voice mail and telephone several times a day, so you need never feel out of touch if something comes up. A lot of my clients like to email me about certain jobs they think need attention and that’s great.

I’m honest – if I’m not totally sure how to proceed on a particular plant, I’ll look it up. I’m neighbour and pet friendly, and that means you can trust me to maintain happy relations with both. I’m no jobs worth, and I don’t get offended if I am asked to do something that is not strictly to do with plants. In the past this has included painting windows and doors, and dismantling a very large trampoline. I’m happy to do anything that gets your garden looking beautiful.

On the whole I’m mostly waterproof, so rain won’t stop play, unless I’m likely to get washed away. If the weather is looking really bad, I’ll give you a ring and reschedule for an alternative date. Depending on the travelling distance, I can always pop over for an hour or two, to do a particular job that you want done in double-quick time, and do work on Saturdays and Sundays when required

I don’t say I can do something when I can’t. I am lucky to have some great specialist contacts such as pest control, tree surgeons and patio experts who I will liaise with. I can take away waste to the tip, but generally it either goes in the green bin, in the compost bin.

I won’t overburden your kettle. Having people working at your home can sometimes feel like work itself, so that is why I bring my own drinks and food. I don’t tend to take lunch hours, and if I had to for some reason, you don’t pay for me to eat my sandwiches!

If you are not going to be home and I can get access, I can be left to get on with it. I make it a practice to take a picture when I arrive that shows the current state (and time) and then one at the end. That way you can be sure you are not paying for me to drink tea! In fact I have several clients, both regular and one-offs, who are not home for months on end, so they can see progress, discuss planting etc via email without any trouble at all. I also make sure that the neighbors get to know me, so they can be sure you are not being burgled!

I don’t impose my views on my clients, and I can offer advice but ultimately, I’m there to do what you want. I often get asked if I weed, which is an odd question, but apparently there are gardeners out there who have jobs they just don’t like. I’m here to follow your instructions, it’s your garden, not mine, so yes, weeding, hoeing, mowing, edging, picking up leaves, clearing paths, pruning and planting are the usual everyday jobs we carryout.

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